Chocolate Chia Overnight Oats

What’s better than dessert?? Dessert for breakfast!  Healthy dessert breakfast that you can gobble up without a second thought that is!  I love chia seed pudding, and overnight oats and chocolate, so it only seemed fitting that I mix them all together and call it breakfast.  This breakfast is high in fiber, protein and omega-3s, […]

Easy Halloween Stuffed Peppers and Candy Corn Parfait

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner and temptations of chocolate and candy are in the air! It’s so easy to mindlessly grab a few handfuls of candy that are sitting on the counter or in the bowl waiting for the trick-or-treaters. And Sweet on Greens is a firm believer […]

Nothing Like Fresh, Summer Veggies!

Ever heard of Christmas in July?! Well I’ve been experiencing Christmas in July for the past two Mondays with my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) pick up! Also I am happy to report Kara and I indulged in an amazing CSA meal together, enjoying not only an array of perfectly ripe, organic, local veggies picked that […]

Sneaky Calories and Healthy Snacking

Today we are celebrating National Chip and Dip Day! In honor of the under-appreciated day I whipped up some oil free, oven baked sweet potato chips and super easy “guacamole” (consisting of avocado, fresh lime juice, salt and black pepper) to munch on. That being said, just because it’s National Chip and Dip Day doesn’t […]

Butternut Squash Barley Risotto

Last month we were all about oatmeal. This month our featured grain is Barley! Although when you think barley your mind may wonder off to the land of beer, there are also some health benefits to consuming barley. Carianne and I had both known that barley was good for you, but both admittedly had not […]

Healthy, Cheap, and Simple?! What’s the Method?

Cooking and eating vegetables is a topic I get really enthusiastic about and I hope you not only learn something new but try some of these healthy, cheap and simple (who could ask for more?!) cooking methods to increase your intake of vegetables in a heart-healthy way.

Healthy Snacking: Roasted Chickpeas

Keeping in line with cleaning up your diet and sticking to your New Year’s resolutions we have a recipe for you today that’s quick, super easy, healthy and most importantly delicious! Roasted chickpeas are a great snack because they are easy to pack and munch when on-the-go. Sometimes it can be hard to eat healthy […]