First things first, welcome and thanks for visiting our blog!  Here’s a little info so you can get to know us better!

It all started with organic chemistry- and no we don’t mean our mutual love for organic produce, but literally organic chemistry class. We randomly sat next to each other and decided to study together. Study sessions included cooking study-breaks, which quickly turned into weekly dinners, minus the studying.

In these dinners we experimented with new ingredients, recipes and more healthful ways of preparing things. We started making some really delicious meals especially considering our limited time, resources and previous cooking experience. Being tight on time and money as students, but wanting to eat healthy, we found a good balance each week. As we built a collection of successful recipes, we toyed with the idea of creating a blog together. With Carianne’s propensity for savory, Kara’s passion for pastry and our combined love of nutrition we had a recipe for success!
So here we are sharing our favorite meals with you, hoping to inspire healthier choices, or at least fill your bellies for the night! We believe that cooking and nutrition are things everyone should be knowledgeable about so hopefully we can clear some misconceptions up for you and make living healthy simpler and more enjoyable! Thanks for stopping by and comments or topic suggestions are always encouraged!



Kara is a student at the University of Connecticut where she studies Dietetics. She previously graduated from Johnson & Wales University with an Associate degree in Baking and Pastry Arts. That being said, Kara has a strong passion for baking and a love of nutrition; she tries to incorporate the two and concoct healthier alternative sweets and savory dishes alike. Kara has been a vegan for the better part of six years and vegetarian even longer. Although it started as a short-term personal challenge, she found she loved the health benefits she reaps from noshing on fruits and veggies all the time. When Kara isn’t busy experimenting in the kitchen while jamming out to music, she’s playing with her adorable kitten, Bumby, traveling wherever she can afford to go, planning her next trip, watching Gilmore Girls, studying or hanging out with her amazing and beautiful friends that make her who she is. Kara has two older brothers, one who lives in Idaho and the other who lives in New Hampshire, along with her parents where she spent a majority of her childhood.



Carianne is pursuing a Master’s degree to become a Registered Dietitian. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Food Service and after several years working in the field she decided to take her interest and experience in food service to the next step. Carianne is known for always having a smile on her face and not surprisingly, did not want to continue serving people just any food, but promote eating in a healthy and enjoyable way, parallel to her own lifestyle. Ever since she was young, she has been interested in making things whether it be jewelry, knitting, painting, drawing or playing music. Now she finds her creative outlet in the kitchen combining unique ingredients, adding vegetables to everything and finding satisfying vegetarian recipes. Last year she decided to stop eating meat in an effort to be healthier and more environmentally sustainable. Carianne loves traveling, learning new things, juicing, hiking, audiobooks, crossword puzzles, snowboarding, nature and puppies. She is thankful for her family and friends and all the support they have given her throughout her endeavors and now for this blog.


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