Chocolate Chia Overnight Oats

What’s better than dessert?? Dessert for breakfast!  Healthy dessert breakfast that you can gobble up without a second thought that is!  I love chia seed pudding, and overnight oats and chocolate, so it only seemed fitting that I mix them all together and call it breakfast.  This breakfast is high in fiber, protein and omega-3s, […]

All Good Things Must Come to an End

I’m back! Hello everyone! I’m sure you’ve all missed my absence terribly, but fret no more- I’m back and ready to jump back into the blog with some amazing ideas! Before Carianne and I return to our normal schedule (I know your lives must have been so out of whack without our regular posts) I […]

Carianne’s Amazin’ Veggie and Bean Sauté

Happy Friday Everyone! Last night I got the creative juices going and whipped up a delicious meal that I wanted to share with you! I was excited to find and use several items grown in “my backyard” (well from my town) that I bought at the farmer’s market and local food co-op. So I am […]

Earth Day Healthy Chocolate Dirt Cups

Happy Earth Day!  A holiday that came about in 1970 to build awareness about the Earth and our environment and inspire commitment to protecting and bettering all that the Earth has to provide us. Make these delicious dirt cups that will bring back your childhood memories of eating “worms and dirt” that taste delicious. Kara and I […]