Go Bananas! Delicious, Frozen Banana Pops

In honor of Ice Cream Day, this Sunday, July 19th, we are posting a fun, simple, and delicious frozen dessert recipe! Very few ingredients are needed and it is easy to get creative and go bananas with different topping ingredients…as Kara and I did while brainstorming what to use! Also let me say how happy I am that my other half is back from her amazing trip and we have some great stuff brewing for Sweet on Greens 🙂 For this dessert, ripe bananas do need to be frozen in advance, so grab those yellowish-brown bananas off the counter and throw them in the freezer to get started! Continue reading


All Good Things Must Come to an End

I’m back!

Hello everyone! I’m sure you’ve all missed my absence terribly, but fret no more- I’m back and ready to jump back into the blog with some amazing ideas!

Before Carianne and I return to our normal schedule (I know your lives must have been so out of whack without our regular posts) I wanted to share with you all some of the highlights of my road trip! Continue reading

Corn, Edamame, Chickpea Picnic Salad

Happy Summer! I don’t know about you, but I feel like summer is finally in full swing! I think a really fun 4th of July weekend of beach going, picnics, swimming, lawn games and beautiful weather kicked it off for me. 🙂 For many people the nice weather involves getting out more and eating in different social settings. Although special dietary needs and food choices might be difficult at social gatherings like summer picnics and BBQ’s there’s no need to stress or worry about it! Continue reading

Icy Watermelon Slushie

Hello Sweet on Greens readers! To follow up on our hydration post I wanted to share a delicious and super easy recipe to make an icy watermelon slushie just in time for summer. Watermelons are actually about 92% water and a tasty way to hydrate. With the 4th of July in a few days this is a perfect drink to satisfy your thirst and sweet tooth on a hot day. Continue reading

Carianne’s Amazin’ Veggie and Bean Sauté

Happy Friday Everyone! Last night I got the creative juices going and whipped up a delicious meal that I wanted to share with you! I was excited to find and use several items grown in “my backyard” (well from my town) that I bought at the farmer’s market and local food co-op. So I am letting you in on a night of Carianne’s experimental cooking where I used ingredients I know I like, but have never had in this combination before. Continue reading

Stay Hydrated!

After the hot weather this weekend it’s finally starting to feel like summer 🙂 Although today is cool and rainy (again) I have high hopes June 21st will mean summer weather is here to stay. One important thing to remember with increasing temperatures is to keep yourself properly hydrated with water. However, water is often considered ‘boring’ and I hear people say “But I don’t like drinking water, it’s too plain and feels like a chore.” It may not be obvious to you that water is what your body is craving and what it needs to function at its optimum especially during hot weather. It’s easy to miss the cues and it doesn’t help that your taste buds do not respond in the same way to drinking water as when you drink a sugar-sweetened beverage like a lemonade or an iced caramel macchiato. You may have to override your brain’s response to this type of sugar rush and give your body water. Here are some great ways to “spice” up your H20 so you (and your taste buds!) can get excited to drink it! Continue reading

Check out your Local Farmer’s Market!

This weekend, I decided to check out two farmer’s markets in my area (within 15 miles of my house). I may have been inspired by my agricultural tour across America, but I want to take advantage of buying more local groceries to support farmers and sustainable practices in agriculture. And what better way than to head a few miles from my house to buy what’s being produced in my town? Continue reading

Back to Business

Hello All! I am back from an incredible road trip across the United States, covering six thousand miles in 21 days, visiting farms of all kinds and farm-support businesses. I learned so much and yet this experience makes me realize how much more there is to find out about U.S. agriculture, our food production system and the people behind it. I have a lot of reading and research to do this summer among these topics, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see where our food is really coming from. The stops ranged from a variety of dairy cow farms, organic vegetable farms (check out Rodale Institute-their research beehives are pictured above), soil scientists from Iowa State University, large and small scale hog farmers, cow-calf ranches, 100,000 head cattle feedlots, a beef processing plant (slaughterhouse), John Deere Combine Factory, the Land Institute and Monsanto. More on these eye-opening places on the way! I’ll be honest, sitting down to write this was a bit daunting after being away for so long and not having to worry about school work, but I am glad to be back home and blogging again! Continue reading

Veg-Friendly Ways to Refuel Your Workout

Hi all! It’s me again, Lauren. Back for another post in which I hope to live up to the standard of the Sweet on Greens ladies!

If you consider yourself a vegetarian or vegan, the number one question you are probably asked is “But where do you get your protein?” We have all heard it. And if you haven’t, it is only a matter of time.

If you are an athlete who follows a meat-free diet, that question often comes with a very concerned voice. As if you will suddenly one day just fall to the ground during a workout because of your lack of protein. As a runner, I’ve tried to pay attention to my protein intake while training by tracking all my macros and you know what I’ve found? I’m in no way protein-deficient! And it wasn’t because I was actively seeking out foods heavy in protein. You would be surprised how many ways you can sneak in the right amount of protein without even realizing it.

So today, we are going to tackle what are the best veg-friendly foods and supplements to compliment your workout routine. Continue reading

Sweet Potato Ravioli with Sweet Lemon-Sage “Butter” Sauce

Hi everyone! I am so excited to meet you! Rumor has it you are a pretty amazing audience. I’m filling in this week while the ladies are on break. They deserve some time off after a long semester, don’t you think?

Anyhow, my name is Lauren and I’ve been a vegetarian for 3 years now. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been worth it! Along the way in my journey, I’ve tried out a variety of recipes to keep things exciting. Some were absolutely amazing while others were not so much. But it is all about trial and error right? Well, today, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite vegan recipes.

Sweet potato ravioli and sweet lemon-sage “butter” sauce. Continue reading