How ‘Bout Them Apples?

Happy Tuesday everyone! So as Carianne posted last week, we’re officially back from our extra-long blog hiatus and decided to kick off with a fun post this week about our weekend adventures! While things are starting to get crazy with our school schedules, we know that it’s important to relax, destress and have a little fun.

We spent our Saturday being stereotypical New Englanders and apple picking (…and drinking). Carianne told me about a few orchards that offer a little something extra than your standard rows of luscious apple trees and adorable pumpkin patches. What made these two orchards so beautiful and adult-fun friendly is their magical ability to turn apples into booze. Essentially it was a recipe for perfection and my favorite day of the semester so far. Eating fruit, casually strolling outside on a sunny day, good company, and day drinking…what more could I possibly ask for?



We started our day at Clyde’s Cider Mill, which boasts itself as the oldest steam powered cider mill in the U.S. and made it onto the list of National Historic Landmarks!


Unfortunately it temporarily closed for cleaning, but we were still able to sneak a peek!

Here, we started off the bat with doing a *free* (my favorite word) cider tasting. They had about 8 different kinds with all different flavors. I may have picked up two ½ gallons- one was called Goodfellas, a hard cider infused with blackberries as well as a new flavor this year which was a perfectly balanced cider with zing of cranberries and smoothness of citrus. After this we strolled over to their new wine tasting bar area. Here, we stood around with a small group of other people and I felt like a kid in a candy shop where I could ask for a taste of any kind I wanted. It was magical. My favorite was called “Spyder Cider” and it was a spiced apple wine/cider. SO. Good.


From here we headed to Holmberg Orchard and actually went apple picking….only after playing on the tractor, of course.


Carianne’s true feelings come out……

They were picking about 6 varieties (as well as Bosc pears) and it was a large, beautiful orchard. We wanted Gala and Fuji which were the furthest back in the orchard, so we hopped on the tractor ride for a beautiful ride up through the orchard, corn growing tall to one side, apple-laden trees to the other and nothing but blue sky and sunshine up above. I told you people, magic, pure magic.


We ate and picked and chatted and compared all the different types of apples, being sure to try at least one of each variety. I was lovin’ on the Gala apples in particular. I did have to refrain from buying a bunch of Cortland apples for baking because that would only be spurring future procrastination.


After we filled our bags and bellies with apples, we headed over to (big shocker) their wine tasting deck. We had to pay for this one but there were 11 ciders and wines to taste and I got to keep a cool cider glass, so I continued to disillusion myself and pretend that my bank account is as real as unicorns and calorie free brownies. Regardless, it was worth it.


After this, (yes we were still going!) we headed back to the town Carianne lives in and rounded off the afternoon by sitting outside, tasting some locally made wine while chatting, munching on some goodies, listening to a gentleman play a piano and overlooking the beautiful vineyard. I drove home feeling completely relaxed and content. It was a much needed day of hitting the brakes to enjoy some fresh air on an early fall day. I continued my easy day with a night of swing and blues dancing on campus, as I’m a member of the UConn Swing and Blues Club. It was a perfect end to a perfect day.

Now that I have a kitchen full of apples I CANNOT wait to get back into fall baking. It is by far my favorite baking season because I love all the spices associated with fall. I already have my mind (and mouth) set on some baked stuffed apples. Sounds delish, right? Welllll lucky for you we posted a recipe for baked stuffed apples this time last year 🙂

baked stuffed apple 1

I know this post is more personal than most of our posts, but moral of the story is DON’T FORGET TO RELAX (yes, I know putting that in caps means you probably read it in a yelling voice in your head, but I want you to hear me, ok?!)! Life gets crazy hectic and it’s so easy to get so caught up in all that crazy hecticness, but part of being healthy is giving yourself time to breath and relax. Your body needs this to reboot and prepare to go full-speed the rest of the week and it’s so important to take care of yourself-mind and body. Don’t cheat yourself of this part of health, we all need a break sometimes.


Embracing our nerdiness in it’s entirety 🙂

What’s your go-to way to relax?

As always,
Peas and Love ❤


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