We’re Backkk!

Well helloooo Sweet on Green fans and followers! Kara and I would both like to apologize for our recent blogging hiatus, but are feeling fantastic after a relaxing summer break and are ready to get back into our weekly blogging routine. And hope you are ready for us too! We are back in high gear at school, but we managed to kick this past weekend off with a really fun Saturday morning together. We visited a nearby farmer’s market to buy some fresh, local produce, and we followed it up with great conversation over some amazing cold-brew coffee from our local Food Co-op. And whoa what a pleasant caffeine buzz! Talk about a perfect way to start off the weekend! And of course we talked Sweet on Greens and want to fill you in on what we have in store for you as we quickly approach our one year anniversary!!!

Before we get down to business…

Kara and I had a fun time trying a new fruit called a kiwi berry that we bought at the food co-op. Neither of us had heard of these before, but were both intrigued. The tiny little replica of a regular kiwi, was soft, sweet and juicy, and also lacking the hairy skin so you could eat the whole thing without peeling them. Kara also had me try golden watermelon which I had never tried before and thought it was a winner!

kiwi berry

Well I guess I was on a “try new produce” roll, because I noticed winter squash is coming into season (yay!) and so I bought a delicata squash at the food co-op as well. Saturday night, I cut this interesting striped squash into thin coin shapes (per Kara’s suggestion) and roasted it for about 20 minutes, flipping halfway. I ate the whole thing; skin, seeds (which became chewy and toasted) and all, and thought it was delicious with just a little olive oil, salt and pepper on it!

delicata squash

We are sharing these fun and unusual fruit/veggies in hopes that you too will try something new in the produce department and change up your typical grocery shopping list. If you see something new in the grocery store don’t be intimidated by not knowing what it is, when it is ripe, how to cook it, etc! Instead, give it a try! It is so easy to look up a specific type of produce online and find out how to eat it, prepare it, etc. So be adventurous and try a new kind of produce this week!

…Ok onto Sweet on Greens business

So with class, internships, exams and seminars already filling up our daily planners, Kara and I have decided on the following blog schedule, so stay tuned!

Every month, we are going to bring you two amazing, plant-based recipes, that are easy to make and have very few ingredients to inspire you in the kitchen and show you how anyone can create healthy meals. There will also be informational posts sprinkled in there about a variety of health and wellness topics to keep you well informed to make educated decisions about your diet. Thanks for all your patience, support and keep reading Sweet on Greens!

What fruit or vegetable have you tried for the first time this week and would you recommend it to a friend??

Peas and Love ❤


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